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Biomedical Journal of

Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR)

an open access scholarly publisher. Explore the articles on all the scientific topics.
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Biomedical Journal

of Scientific and Technical Research

Aim & Scope

We aim to frame tremendous standard international academic journals and strive to provide a congenial and candidly attainable podium for researchers all over the world to present their research victories and to reciprocate their ideas.

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What do we do?

The BJSTR is an open access medical and clinical research publication that gives acclaimed scientific authors and research experts a global platform to share their work among like-minded peers and help accumulate scientific knowledge in a singular repository.

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Why publish with us?

Our production process follows a high standard to ensure quality publications. All manuscripts are endured to high level terminology compilation and bursting amendments, as well as being processed through QC progressions, to ensure trustworthiness.

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