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Publication Ethics and Malpractice statement

Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR) adheres to the principles outlined hereunder, which have been devised to ensure the accurate, timely, fair and ethical publication of scientific papers. We adopt clear and rigorous guidelines for best working practices in open access scientific publishing, working in conjunction with our academic authors, researchers.

  • Biomedres is committed to publish the most objective and unbiased scientific information. The editorial board members take all necessary steps to maintain the accuracy and quality of the papers published in in our Biomedical Journal.
  • Editorial Board and reviewers are restricted to disclose information of the manuscripts to anyone, excluding the authors. They should not use knowledge of the work before its publication to further their own interests. Reviewers also have the right to confidentiality; they will remain anonymous and their comments will not be published.
  • The authors should be responsible for the originality and integrity of the articles they submit to our Biomedical Journal. Authors must adhere to the ethical standards as prescribed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
    (ICMJE, and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE,
  • A Copyright statement is included in every single article which is an agreement between both the authors and the journal, in order to protect their rights and ensure that all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed.
  • Misconducts including fabrication, falsification and plagiarism concerning unethical publishing behavior are unacceptable. BJSTR (Biomedical Research Network+, LLC) reserves the right to report the incident to the sponsoring or funding institution or other appropriate authority for investigation in any malpractice is noticed.
  • Published papers that raise concerns about possible misconduct would be retracted. BJSTR would deal with these papers following the guidelines of COPE.

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