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The Effect of Chronic Pancreatitis on Portal Venous Velocities

Volume 10 - Issue 1

Artautas Mickevicius*, Habil and Jonas Valantinas

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    • Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Dietetics, Lithuania
    • *Corresponding author: Artautas Mickevicius, Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Dietetics, Lithuania

Received:October 02, 2018;   Published: October 11, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.10.001881

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Introduction: Portal vein thrombosis in case of chronic pancreatitis can be induced by several interacting factors: local prothrombotic factors, endothelial damage in case of repeated acute inflammation, mechanical pressure and relatively slower venous velocities. Our aim was to assess whether chronic pancreatitis has any effect on portal vein velocities.

Materials and Methods: 35 chronic pancreatitis patients and 16 healthy individuals were included in this study, performed since 2015 to 2018. All patients were examined three times with three months intervals. During the initial examination, blood samples were taken for complete blood count, biochemical and coagulation markers, and color Doppler ultrasound performed to evaluate portal venous velocities. Ultrasound examinations were repeated later twice.

Results: Both groups were homogenous based on weight, body mass index and age. Laboratory blood test results were also insignificant, except for D-dimer concentration, which exceeded normal values in chronic pancreatitis group. Portal venous velocities did not differ between groups. Vmax and Vmean were slower in case of chronic pancreatitis, but the difference was not significant: 59 ± 24,2 cm/s vs 67,5 ± 21 cm/s in healthy controls (p=0,554); and 20,8 ± 7,7 cm/s vs 24,5 ± 8,2 cm/s (p=0,322) respectively. Biochemical markers had no significant effect on portal venous velocities.

Conclusion: Chronic pancreatitis has no effect on portal venous velocities.

Keywords : Chronic Pancreatitis; Portal Vein Velocities; Thrombosis; Ultrasound

Abbreviations : CP: Chronic Pancreatitis; APPT: Activated Partial Prothrombin Time; INR: International Normalized Ratio; PT: Prothrombin Time; CRP: C-Reactive Protein; LDH: Lactate Dehydrogenase; US: Ultrasound; PVT: Portal Vein Thrombosis

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