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Gallbladder Polyps Rarely Grow Beyond 10mm - Close Surveillance is Unnecessary for Polyps Smaller than 10mm

Volume 9 - Issue 5

Man Hon Tang*, Wen Yang Neo, Yang Yang Lee and James Chi Yong Ngu

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    • Department of Surgery, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

    *Corresponding author: Man Hon Tang, Department of Surgery, Changi General Hospital, 2 Simei Street 3, Singapore

Received: October 05, 2018;   Published: October 10, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.09.001861

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Introduction: Small gallbladder polyps (GBP) are usually asymptomatic and benign and are monitored with regular ultrasonography (US) surveillance. Although most centers repeat imaging within a year, there remains no consensus regarding appropriate scan intervals.

Aims: To investigate the size stability of GBP and to review the need for close surveillance.

Methods: All abdominal ultrasound scans performed in our hospital over 3-month period were reviewed. Patients with sonographic evidence of GBP and with subsequent surveillance were included. The demographics of patients, characteristics of polyps, and subsequent scans over the following five years were reviewed. Histological reports were obtained for patients who underwent cholecystectomy.

Results: 96 patients were included in the study. Median age was 51 (range, 24-89) years with a male predominance (67.7%). Main indications for US were hepatitis follow-up (41.7%) and abdominal pain (20.8%). Most patients had multiple polyps (62.5%) and the median diameter of the largest polyp was 4 (range, 3-10) mm. An average of 4.5 scans were performed over five years following detection and most polyps remained stable in size, rarely growing beyond 10mm – only two patients had polyps beyond 10mm. No gallbladder carcinoma was detected during the follow-up period.

Conclusion: GBP usually remain stable in size, seldom grow beyond 10mm, and are rarely malignant. Surveillance scans for polyps smaller than 10mm should not be performed at intervals less than a year.

Keywords : Gallbladder Diseases; Polyps; Surveillance; Gallbladder Neoplasms; Cholecystectomy; Histopathologically; Dysplasia; Adenoma; Carcinoma; Radiologists; Tomography; Sonographic; Diagnosis; Hyperechoic; Morphology; Pneumonia; Gallstone Pancreatitis; Hepatocellular

Abbreviations : GBP: Gallbladder Polyps; CT: Computed Tomography; MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging; SPSS: Statistics Package for the Social Science

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