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Factors Affecting the Population’s Opinions Regarding Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pain Patients

Volume 6 - Issue 1

Keren Grinberg*, Meital Amzaleg, Manor Forman, Carmel Hayut and Noa Gil

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    • Nursing Department, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

    *Corresponding author: Keren Grinberg, Nursing Department, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

Received: June 19, 2018;   Published: June 25, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.06.001295

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Background: In the search to reduce chronic pain, the cannabis plant is considered a possible treatment. Many studies have been conducted about its effectiveness in reducing pain sensation due to the cannabinoids system in the human body. Nevertheless, cannabis use is still controversial in many countries for varied reasons (i.e., dangerous, addictive and harmful drug, or related to criminal activities).

Purpose: This study aimed to recognize the causes influencing public opinion about medical use of cannabis for reducing chronic pain. This descriptive / correlative study included 236 subjects in 2 age groups (18-40 years old, 40+ years old).

Methods: Every participant filled out a questionnaire, which was constructed based on a literature review of research on cannabis use to treat chronic pain.

Results: A higher level of education was correlated with participants’ attitudes that cannabis was harmful (r=0.17, p=.01). We also found a significant difference between participants who had information about chronic pain compared with those who did not (r=0.13, p=.03). The more information one had, the more one was supportive of medical cannabis treatment. We did not find significant differences between the two age groups regarding their attitudes to using cannabis for chronic pain (t=0.62, p=.02.).

Conclusions: This research helped us to map the possible factors that influence public attitudes concerning medical cannabis for chronic pain patients. Knowledge about chronic pain was the most critical factor influencing public and individual opinions.

Keywords: Medical Cannabis; Chronic Pain

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