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The Relationship of the 2nd: 4th Digit Ratio to the Maxillary Sinus Volume in Men

Volume 5 - Issue 4

Hasan Emre Koçak*, Harun Acıpayam, Zeki Tolga Bilece, Arzu Karaman Koç, Kamil Hakan Kaya and Fatma Tülin Kayhan

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    • Bakirkoy Dr Sadi Konuk Research and Educational Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Turkey

    *Corresponding author: Hasan Emre Koçak, Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Research and Educational Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Turkey

Received: May 24, 2018;   Published: June 13, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.05.001222

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Objective: Recently, the 2nd and 4th (2D:4D) digit ratio have been reported to be a non-invasive indicator of intrauterine androgen balance and androgen receptor sensitivity. The maxillary sinus (MS) is the triangular pyramid shaped air filled space found inside the maxilla. Like other paranasal sinuses, MS plays a prominent role in the formation of facial contour. The possible relationship between the MS volume and the 2D:4D ratio in men has been investigated.

Materials and Method: 41 male patients aged between 21-39 years (mean 27±5.24), who had a paranasalsinus (PNS) computer tomography (CT) scan. The MS volume was calculated from the PNS CT scans using the Syngo software. The 2D:4D ratios were calculated by measuring in mm the distance between the end point of the 2nd and 4th digits on the palmar side of the right hand and the lowermost crease (the meta carpophalangeal crease) using a digital caliper. The relationship between these two numerical values was statistically analyzed.

Results: As a result of the volume analyses, the total volume was found to be 31±8.6. Average 2D length was found as 72.8±10, 4D lengths as 75.1±10.8 and the average 2D:4D ratio as 1. There was a significant negative correlation between the 2D/4D ratio and the right, left and average MS volumes.

Conclusion: There is a negative correlation between the 2D:4D ratio and the MS volume. This condition reveals the androgenic hormone effect of the sinus volume in the development process. New studies to be done in the future with more number of patients are needed for a better understanding of this relationship.

Keywords: Digit; Maxillary; Ratio; Sinus; Volume

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