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Socket Preservation Technique Using ‘Bio-Oss® and ‘Periacryl® Biological Adhesive; A 7 Year Follow Up Period: A Case Report

Volume 5 - Issue 3

Fatme Mouchref Hamasni*, Fady El Hajj, Rita Ozeir

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    • Department of Periodontology, Lebanese University School of Dentistry, Lebanon

    *Corresponding author: Fatme Mouchref Hamasni, Department of Periodontology, Lebanese University School of Dentistry, Lebanon

Received: June 07, 2018;   Published: June 13, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.05.001219

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This case report represents a female patient treated with alveolar socket preservation technique using a xenograft bovine bone substitute ‘Bio-Oss®’ and a biological glue ‘PeriAcryl® 90’ over the substitute material as a sealer to isolate the socket. 7 years post loading, implant site showed a perfect stability of both soft and hard tissues. Methods: A 50 year old healthy patient presented a deep horizontal root fracture of the upper right canine, delayed implant placement was indicated, extraction followed by socket preservation technique using Bio-oss and PeriAcryl was performed, After 5 months of healing period, an excellent soft and hard tissues conservation was noticed, implant was then inserted showing a high bone quality and quantity. Seven year follow up period express a perfect stability of the bone cortical margin and the surrounding soft tissues. Conclusions: biological ‘PeriAcryl® 90’ glue may be used as an alternative technique for socket coverage to avoid complications related to gingival graft, coronally advanced flap or barrier membrane.

Keywords: Socket preservation; Biological glue; Delayed implant placement

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