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Case ReportOpen Access

A Rare Case of Ovarian Apocrine Adenocarcinoma

Volume 4 - Issue 4

Liping Xu1, Zhi Ma1, Keya Wanga1 and Ying Yang*2

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    • 1Medical College of Qingdao University, People’s Republic of China
    • 2Department of Gynecology, Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital affiliated to Qingdao University, Republic of China

    *Corresponding author: Ying Yang, Department of Gynecology, Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital, No.20 East Yuhuangding Road, Yantai 264000, Shandong, China

Received: May 11, 2018;   Published: May 22, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.04.001096

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Mature cystic teratoma of the ovary is the most commen benign ovrian tumor. Malignant mature teratomas(MCT) is rare, occurring in only 1% to 2% of cases, the main transfer pathway is the spread and direct infiltration of the abdomen, and Lymph node metastasis is rare. So far, there only 2 case of apocrine adenocarcinoma arising from a mature teratoma has been reported in the English literature. We report the first known case of an apocrine adenocarcinoma arising within an ovarian mature cystic teratoma which with pelvic lymph node metastasis. The patient recurrent during postoperative chemotherapy, similar to malignant teratoma in malignancy, different from MCT but similar to cutaneous apocrine carcinoma and the apocine carcinoma of breast in the way of transfer.

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