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Case ReportOpen Access

Brown tumour revealed: A literature review with a case study

Volume 1 - Issue 7

Marcelo Pinto*,Gustavo Bráz, Roberto Santos and Fábio Ramoa, Jonathan Paixão, Hugo Melo and Célia Archer

Received: December 08, 2017;   Published: December 13, 2017

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000587

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The mandibular hyperparathyroid brown tumour is considered a rare metabolic disorder, also known as mandibular osteoclastome, therefore its therapy is not well defined yet; This lesion is triggered by the excess of the production of PTH parathyroid hormone, which are directly linked to mechanisms of control of levels of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, which confers the lesions the aspect of numerous osteoclastic cells, circumscribed and richly vascularised Which causes their reddish-brown coloration, individuals affected by this disorder show signs and symptoms of weakness, nausea, fatigue, anorexia, excessive thirst, polyuria, constipation and consequently depression, the purpose of this study is to perform a literature review by describing the case of mandibular brown tumour, explaining the conduct performed according to the case by clinical, laboratory analysis and image studies that guided the case.

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