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PET-CT Based Non-Invasive Radiomic Biomarkers as a Part of Precision Medicine Initiative to Predict Local Recurrences in Oral Cancers

G Lohith*, Suthirth Vaidya, Shivkumar Swamy, Vishal Rao, Sudhakar Sampangi, K. G. Kallur and Basavalinga Ajai kumar

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000272

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    • Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Healthcare global enterprises Limited, India
    • Corresponding author: G Lohith, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Healthcare global enterprises Limited, India

Received: July 31, 2017;   Published: August 16, 2017

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75-80% of patients who are diagnosed with cancer in India have advanced disease(Stage III and Stage IV) that is not amenable to curative treatment, which means that they are likely to have pain and other symptoms and psychosocial concerns. These burdens vary with the economic and political situations and are affected by such factors as legal restrictions on access to drugs to relieve pain, and a medical culture in which quality-of-life considerations are undervalued in relation to imperatives to treat. These issues could be ameliorated by increased investment in cancer screening, removal of restrictions on prescription of opioids, and improvements in medical education to increase recognition of treatment futility.

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