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Care Model Utilizing Biomedical SMART Technology

Thomas W Miller*1, Deborah Burton2, Christina Busse2, Robert F Kraus3 and Thomas W Miller4

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000258

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    • 1Professor Emeritus & Senior Research Scientist, University of Connecticut, USA
    • 2Institute for Health, Intervention & Policy, University of Connecticut, USA
    • 3Department of Gerontology, College of Public Health, University of Kentucky, USA
    • 4Department of Psychiatry, College Medicine, University of Kentucky, USA
    • Corresponding author: Thomas W Miller, Professor Emeritus & Senior Research Scientist, University of Connecticut, USA

Received: July 27, 2017;   Published: August 07, 2017

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Utilizing wearable SMART biomedical technology has a place in contemporary health care interventions. There is an emerging research literature in support of an effective intervention methodology for improved health and well-being as measured by health and wellness markers utilizing a wearable SMART technology. Current limitations along with future directions are discussed. Health care professionals may benefit from the utilization of wearable SMART technology as an adjunct when treating both patients who experience anxiety related to their medical conditions.

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