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The Quantum-Informational Face of Covid Treatment 19 Volume 49- Issue 5

Adam Adamski1* and Julia Adamska2

  • 1University of Silesia in Katowice Faculty of Ethnology andEducational Science in Cieszyn, Poland
  • 2Humanitas University in Sosnowiec, Poland

Received: April 03, 2023;   Published: April 21, 2023

*Corresponding author: Adam Adamski, University of Silesia in Katowice Faculty of Ethnology andEducational Science in Cieszyn, Poland

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2023.49.007875

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The quantum-informational vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus will not be similar to traditional vaccines, it will not introduce the whole virus into our body, but rather information will be introduced that will produce antibodies to fight infectious diseases. It is possible thanks to the control of quantuminformation processes, e.g., by means of electromagnetic, soliton, spin, acoustic waves, electric and magnetic fields, or bioplasm (Adamski [1]). When breaking amino acid bonds, free radicals appear, and with them a spin wave appears, which disrupts the information economy of the cell. The spin wave causes changes in biological and mental structures. With the help of wave soliton, we can correct the information state of a biological cell. In living organisms, the spin wave closely cooperates with the soliton wave, which has coded programs for the proper functioning of the cell and maintaining homeostasis. Solitons can propagate without distortion over very long distances (Brizhik [2]). They exist from the beginning of life to the present. The cosmos is densely filled with a soliton network, carrying content and meaning. The brain has the ability to generate and receive soliton fields that take an active part in human life processes and determine his health, disease and personality development (Adamski, et al. [3,4]).

Keywords: Covid 19; Treatment with Quantum-Informational Vaccines; Spin and Soliton Waves

Infection and Viral Manifestations of SARS-COV-2

Infection with coronavirus strains HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43 is characterized by a harmless infection with typical cold symptoms such as runny nose and sometimes cough. Usually, this condition lasts up to seven days, after which it disappears spontaneously. These pathogens cause a much more severe course in young children and the elderly who have impaired immunity. Then coronaviruses cause pneumonia, bronchitis, or laryngitis (Szczeklik, et al. [5]). Other symptoms that occur in people infected with SARS-CoV are an infection that starts with a high temperature, accompanied by diarrhea, dry cough, muscle and joint pain, headache, and shortness of breath (trouble breathing). In a certain group of patients, breathing problems can develop into respiratory failure, the consequence of which can even be the death of the patient (Jabłoński L [6]). (Pryć [7]). When a person’s immune system is weak, then this seemingly innocent virus, can lead to what in medicine is called «viral pneumonia». That’s when the real drama begins. A person with extensive inflammation of the lungs dies in agony. The organs of such a person, flooded directly with free radicals, slowly die. Added to this is the fact that inflammation of the lungs prevents the exchange of gases, and therefore prevents the introduction of oxygen into the bloodstream.

This means that all the tissues, all his organs are simply suffocating, because oxygen is not flowing to them. The patient fights for every single breath. It is an enormous suffering. In an attempt to save life, doctors put a mask over the patient’s face giving him 100% oxygen and the patient dies due to lack of oxygen (Hull 2009). Most symptomatic COVID-19 patients recover with supportive treatment in hospitals; However, a small but significant proportion of COVID-19 patients are at risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or respiratory failure. COVID-19 patients who are elderly (> 60 years) and those with comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are particularly at risk. Such patients often require intensive care unit (ICU) care and oxygen therapy, including mechanical ventilation. They are critically ill with COVID-19, and mortality among them is high (Feng, et al. [8]). To date, most evidence suggests that the overactive immune system in patients with COVID-19 causes activation of a disproportionate number of pathogenic T cells and inflammatory monocytes/macrophages, causing a storm of inflammatory cytokines to develop. This causes severe damage to alveolar epithelial cells and endothelial cells of the pulmonary microcirculation, culminating in ARDS and respiratory failure.

Therefore, COVID-19 treatment must achieve activation of immunity against SARS-CoV-2 while preventing inflammatory damage and thromboembolic disease in the lungs (Chen, [9]). SARSCOV- 2 develops by droplet infection and can be contracted from an infected person through the respiratory tract when the infected person coughs or sneezes, especially when in close contact. It is also possible to become infected by touching an object or surface that has viruses on it, or by touching the saliva and sweat of a person infected with Covid 19. To reduce the risk of infection one should avoid close contact, shaking hands, touching another person or objects with which an infected person has had close contact, etc. However, it is very difficult to avoid touching objects that may contain viruses, so be sure to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose or cuts on your body. Hand washing with soap and water is considered an important method of prevention (Matheson, et al. [10]). There is a high incidence of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic SARS infections CoV-2, so it is worth paying close attention to the signs that may indicate infection. Doctors point out that chronic fatigue persisting for several days, symptoms of shortness of breath when a person sits, or performs some activity without effort, which causes fatigue and difficult breathing, a feeling of tightness in the chest, wheezing, chest pain during deep breathing, loss of taste and smell, etc. All these indicate Covid-19 infection (Dhama, et al. [11]).

The Body’s Natural Defensing and Prevention

For thousands of years, the human body has been exposed daily to infectious microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi). As we know, a properly functioning immune system prevents the development of disease. People with weak or compromised immunity should be protected through hygiene measures or social distance. When at risk of infection, strengthen natural immunity by eating a healthy, wholefood diet, breathing fresh air without masks, reducing stress, and satisfying social and emotional connections. Blood quality is poor and contains less oxygen, requiring lots of hydration and vitamin C. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids to keep your throat and lungs moist. Drink flaxseed to moisten the mucous membranes. In addition to exercise, it is a good idea to introduce a vegetable and fruit diet containing large amounts of melanin, such as dark fruits - chokeberry, blueberry, cherry, elderberry, grapes, cranberry, blackberry, rowan, turmeric, blueberry, etc. Garlic, ginger, horseradish, also effectively destroy coronavirus.

The pH of coronavirus ranges from 5.5 to 8.5. To eliminate the virus, eat alkaline foods. Strongly alkaline products 8,5 to 9,0 Lettuce, pineapple, watermelon, beet, zucchini, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi, cucumber, papaya, rhubarb, raisins, dried figs and apricots, spinach, seaweed, potatoes alkaline water. Alkaline products 7.5 to 8.5 Onions, garlic, horseradish and apples. Blueberries, carrots, cauliflower, tangerines, natural milk, parsley, celery, tomatoes, orange, mushrooms, fresh ginger, strawberries, grapes, gooseberries, bananas, beans. Human saliva has a pH of 6.5 to 74, and blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. ( Covid-19 likes to attack the biological membranes of the sense of taste and smell, leading to impaired sensory function. This is due to a lack of zinc in the body. Zinc deficiency causes impaired humoral and cellular immunity and increases susceptibility to infectious diseases (Gapys, et al. [12]).

Zinc Resources in Vegetables

Tomato - 11 units, parsley - 13, cabbage - 16, quinoa - 17, beans - 23, wild rice - 38, flaxseed - 28, sesame - 29, wheat germ -31. pumpkin seeds - 33, chanterelles - 36, mushrooms -36, adzuki beans - 36, oyster mushrooms - 48 (Szczesniak, et al. [13]). Melanin and neuromelanin play an important role in Covid 19 and are responsible for the central control of all psychological processes. Melanin is synthesized when exposed to light, electric fields and heat energy. The melanin supply in the biological system is regulated by sunlight and movement. In autumn and winter there is less melanin, so it is worth supplementing it with a wide range of gymnastic exercises, walking - cycling, running, mountain hiking, dancing, music, etc. Movement is necessary because bone structures are piezoelectric, which, when moved, release an electric field that is needed for melanin synthesis. The synthesis of melanin takes place not only through light, but also through an electric field released during piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric polarisation of biological structures (Adamski [3]). In addition to exercise, it is necessary to introduce a diet of vegetables and fruits that contain a large amount of melanin, such as dark fruits - chokeberry, blueberry, cherry, elderberry, grape, cranberry, blackberry, rowan, blueberry, etc. Garlic, ginger, horseradish, effectively destroy coronavirus (Adamski [14]). Children have more melanin in their body than older people and therefore their incidence of Covid 19 is very low. In children who have complications with chronic diseases of the throat, lungs, or are in the process of treatment for other diseases, their susceptibility is greater to catch Covid 19.

Biologically, melanin has antibacterial activity, says Australian biologist James Mackintosh. He noticed that melanin in some animals forms some kind of capsules around skin-attacking pathogens, thus preventing disease. Laboratory studies have shown that melanosomes contained in human skin can protect the body against the invasion of «microorganisms”. Raspberry is a sticky molecule. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are «glued» by it and stop reproducing (Mackintosh, et al. [15]). Melanin directs the reduction of free radicals in the biological system, it has the ability to accelerate or decelerate the movement of photons, phonons and solitons and their spins in the biological system. It acts as a converter of photons into phonons and the reverse process, which enriches the nerve cell with a wide range of information acquisition and its use in its functional and structural process (Adamski, et al. [16]). Selenium can support a group of enzymes that together with vitamin E prevent the formation of free radicals and oxidative damage to cells and tissues. Rich sources of selenium are fish, shellfish, garlic, Brazil nuts, mushrooms (Harthill, et al. [17]). Selenium and zinc can be very effective when given together. Not only do these elements protect cell membranes from being perforated by reactive free radicals and singlet oxygen, they also prevent virus mutation and make it difficult for viruses to multiply in cells. Mutated viruses escape effective treatment, they can infect again people who have already been infected with another version of the same virus (this is why we can get the flu many times during our lives).

Valuable Remedies for Covid-19 are Beekeeping Products

Propolis, royal jelly containing large amounts of enzymes, pollen, honey, but also tinctures and larch and pine sap (Adamski [18]). Royal jelly has a set of essential amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, lipids, natural hormones, mineral compounds, phosphorus compounds and acetylcholine. Royal jelly is an effective antibacterial and antiviral agent (Adamski [19]). Pine syrup plays an important role in the treatment of coronavirus. In laboratory conditions, it shows strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. Pine oil and syrup has an expectorant and phlegm-dissolving effect, being a natural support for upper respiratory tract infections with runny nose and cough. In combination with eucalyptus oil, it allows to unclog the nose (Antonelli, et al. [20]). In the flowers of pine, elderberry, eucalyptus, lime, in pine needles, sage, juniper, the terpene alpha-pinene was detected. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties and is able to relax smooth muscles, making it a valuable remedy for asthma and inflammation of the respiratory tract (Karthikeyan, et al. [21-24]). Alpha-pinene facilitates respiration by dilating the airways (Adamski, et al. [25]). (Him, et al. [26]) Amber, or the resin of certain species of pine trees fossilized over the centuries.

It is believed that the spirit tincture on amber strengthens the immunity, relieves cold symptoms, runny nose, fever, as well as rheumatic pains and muscle aches. The healing properties of amber have been known for a long time. Succinic acid is not only a universal biostimulator, but also an integral component of all living organisms. It is produced in human cells and is responsible for energy exchange, which plays an important role in immunological processes. (Kosmowska, Ceranowicz [27]). Succinic acid accelerates respiration processes in biological cells, thereby reducing the amount of «unused» oxygen contained in them, thereby reducing the likelihood of the appearance of free radicals and protecting the mitochondrial apparatus from destruction. It has been proven that succinic acid is the best and fastest acting natural antioxidant (antioxidant), preventing the damaging effects of free radicals (Nieumywakin [28]). Amber contains a lot of microelements, such as: silicon, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium. Amber spirit tincture strengthens immunity, relieves cold symptoms, cold, fever, as well as rheumatic pains and muscle aches (Ogrodnik [29]).

Prescription for Effective Covid 19 Treatment

After drinking a tablespoon of pine syrup, you should drink a tablespoon of larch syrup. After drinking the syrup, we take a break for 5 to 10 minutes. After a break, you should drink a teaspoon of amber tincture -you can add 15 drops of propolis. We drink the syrups 3 times a day. We are taking an hour break, then we eat the products suggested by the author of this publication. We use a mixture of lime, honeydew and buckwheat honey with propolis, pollen or royal jelly and amber tincture. Grind the pollen in a mortar to get to the nucleus, because the most valuable protein is there. Give a dozen or so drops of propolis to a tablespoon of honey and the amber tincture. Ginger has been used for centuries as a cure for colds and runny noses. The chemical compounds in ginger increase the body’s immunity - we get sick less often. Ginger perfectly cleanses the microcirculatory system, including the sinuses, which can be felt during a cold and influenza. Ginger root has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial effects. Powdered ginger does not have this effect. Ginger also has warming properties, which is crucial in colds because it aids the body’s natural cleansing through sweating (Nartkowska [30]). Coronavirus does not thrive when there is air circulation. We ventilate the air with fans. We try to ventilate our homes frequently.

We take care of our mental well-being and avoid stressful situations.

The body should be in constant motion and avoid colds.

We take care of our personal hygiene and the hygiene of objects we come in contact with. We use disinfectants.

COVID 19 dies at 65 degrees Celsius - we organize gatherings around the campfire. We do games for children and young people around the campfire. The temperature by the bonfire is from 100 - 800 degrees C and more. Such temperature eliminates all viability of Covid 19 on the whole human body and disinfects clothes. There is no possibility of droplet infection with coronavirus, because such high temperature destroys it immediately. Hospitals should have rooms with fireplaces. Patients should benefit from this therapy. The high temperature emanating from the fireplace disinfects the entire biological system, which favorably influences the polarization of pyroelectrics and ferroelectrics of biological structures, which in turn generate an electric field that is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the biological cell and the entire organism. In villages we burn bonfires in natural conditions, in cities again there should be baskets with lit bonfires on the streets, or devices emitting high temperature so that a person can stop and warm up their body, while disinfecting their clothes and body. Place purchased food products for 2-3 minutes in an electric oven at 100 degrees to destroy the biological structure of Covid 19. Vitamin D produced by UV radiation plays an important role in combating Covid 19. UV radiation is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D. (Charoenngam, et al. [31,32]).

Vitamin D has a wide range of antiviral, immunomodulatory, and cardiometabolic effects that may help combat COVID-19. These include: induction of antimicrobials (cathelicidin, ß-defensins, hepcidin); regulation of lung surfactant levels; endothelial cell function; autophagy (targets intracellular pathogens); regulation of innate cytokines (e.g. IL-1ß); inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokine production (e.g. IL-6, TNF); and regulation of hyperactive lymphocyte responses (Bishop, et al. [33-35]), One very important feature is tanning to increase melanin levels in the human biological system. We avoid tanning beds because it leads to skin cancer. Lack of sunlight develops pandemic, seen among miners, in study by authors of paper. Similar studies show that UV radiation delivered by sunlight contributes to the reduction of SARS-CoV-2 infectivity (Enwemeka et al. 2020[36-39]). Other studies show that environmental and social factors influence the spread of SARS-CoV-2. These include, population size, cardiovascular disease, extreme poverty, median age, percentage of population aged 65 or 70 years and above (Nakada et al. [40,41]).

Use of Nitric Oxide in the Treatment of COVID 19

SARS-CoV-2 replication in vitro was inhibited by the effects of nitric oxide, which inhibited viral proteases. Nitric oxide synthase is important for healthy endothelial function (Yuyun, et al. 2018) and has antithrombotic effects (Makhoul, et al. [42]). One important immune cell regulated by nitric oxide is macrophages, which effectively neutralize the pro-inflammatory mediator (Adusumilli [43]). Nitric oxide plays an important role in regulating airway function and treating inflammatory airway diseases. The beneficial effects of nitric oxide inhalation can be observed in most patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. NO inhalation can be considered as an option in the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19 infection. (Hu, et al. [44]). Nitric oxide has also been found to inhibit viral protein and RNA synthesis. (Akerstrom, et al [45,46]). There are organic sources that produce nitric oxide and nitrite that are found in green leafy vegetables, beets and seaweeds (Wojciechowska [47,48]). The production of nitric oxide in the body can be enhanced by regular consumption of such vegetables as rocket salad (4,474 mg/kg), dill (2,936 mg/kg), spinach (2,137 mg/kg), butter lettuce (1,900 mg/kg), radishes (1,868 mg/kg), Swiss chard (1,587 mg/kg), red beet (1,459 mg/kg), Chinese cabbage (1,388 mg/kg), (Wawrzyniak, et al. [49]). Provision of inhaled nitric oxide, or through dietary supplementation (nitrate / nitrite) carry effective prophylaxis in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 (Malinowska, et al. [50]). Excess nitric oxide in the body is harmful, causing nitrosative stress. It destroys many substances: vitamin C, cholesterol, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid. Damage to enzymes and micronutrients results in inhibition of signal transduction by neurotransmitters (Kuklinski [51]).

Bioelectronic Approaches to the Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Human life is not just a matter of biology and biochemistry, it is also a cybernetic-informational and bioelectronic construct that affects human health, disease and behavior. This bioelectronic construct creates homo electronicus with its electronic personality. In this new bioelectronic paradigm, human cognition begins to be drawn in terms of quantum processes occurring in the integrated circuit. In the bioelectronic view, the organism is understood as an integrated circuit of biological piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, ferroelectrics and semiconductors, filled with bioplasma managed by quantum processes in an electronic way with the help of biocomputers. The presence of semiconductors in a biological system is equivalent to the presence of an electronic integrated device, so a living organism can be seen as a complex electronic device, analogous to technical devices, demonstrating the ability to process, store and manage information. Proteins, DNA, RNA melanin from the side of biology, it is a biological structure, from the side of biochemistry, it is chemical compounds with different chemical patterns, again from the bioelectronic side it is an electronic material that serves as a building block in a bioelectronic device which is an organism. In addition to the traditional wellstudied biochemical reactions occurring in living organisms, a new reality is opening up for science operating on a bioelectronic model of life (Zon [52]).

The human biological system is filled with bioplasm, understood by W. Sedlak as a state of interconnected particles and fields in an organic semiconductor. Bioplasm is the material of the universe and life. It is «model» and so far unique in nature. It is transmitted from parent organisms to descendants. (Sedlak W [53]). The habitat of bioplasma is protein semiconductors, or piezoelectric organic compounds. Bioplasm is composed of electrons, solitons, photons, phonons, magnons and gravitons. It emits the biological field outwards, thanks to it the organism, apart from the biochemical way, uses the transmission of information by means of electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves, solitons, electric, electromagnetic and spin fields. The control of human biological system takes place through the network of information channels: electron, ion, photon, phonon, soliton, free radical and also bioplasmic - each of these channels can be in itself the carrier of information for the biological system or can function collectively in the system of bioplasm (Sedlak [54]), (Adamski [55]). Bioplasm takes an active part in morphogenetic processes, in the integration of biosystems and in the exchange of information between the biosphere and the cosmos. This communication is used not only in biological processes, but also in all psychic functions. Bioplasm of light circulates in the biosphere and cosmosphere, allows the transfer of information from the cosmos to biological systems. It controls genetic codes, or chemical matrices (Sedlak [56]).

Soliton and Spin Actions in Biological Processes and their Importance in Treatment Infectious Diseases

Solitons are formed in nonlinear optical centers and in Bose- Einstein concentrations. The strong laser waves, the degree of nonlinearity and the high concentration of atoms in Bose-Einstein condensate affect the formation of multidimensional solitons. Currently, the greatest degree of nonlinearity is achieved by organic substances in which electrons appear to travel long distances (Brizhik [2]). A soliton is defined as a moving, solitary pulse of high power that does not deform when it encounters another particle, wave or field. There are solitons of light, water and sound that can interact strongly with other solitons (Brizhik, et al. [57-59]). The movement of solitons is influenced by the density and thickness of the biological membrane in the cell, as it determines the magnitude of the piezoelectric effect from which the electric field that interacts with the solitons flows, (Adamski, et al. [18,60]). In this way solitons transmit information through vibrations in biological systems, as is the case with nerve impulses. Solitons can propagate without distortion over very long distances (Brizhik [61]).

In terms of spin wave action, its place is found in melanin synthesis, melatonin, in free radicals, protein synthesis and in the whole metabolic metabolism (Adamski [62]). The human biological system creates a pictorial structure of the world not only by means of sensory perception, but also on the basis of soliton waves, spin waves and bioplasma. It can be concluded that we are dealing with the second center, which creates the structure of the world image and is responsible for the psychophysical development of man and the state of health and disease. These new information carriers should be used in science, especially computer science, to build new educational programs, and in medicine and psychology for prevention and treatment of various diseases. (Adamski [55]). A good knowledge of bioplasma and the laws of consciousness, as well as a broader study of the Bose-Einstein condensate in biological systems will allow us to understand the existence of solitons in living organisms, their important role in education and human adaptation to the environment. These studies can show the soliton mechanism that is responsible for the learning process, the nature of consciousness, and the regulation of proper cell function, tissue, or an entire biological system (Adamski [63]).

Vaccines for the Treatment of Covid 19

Research on flu vaccines shows that in 10 years, only three times has a vaccine been created with an efficacy rate greater than 50%. Vaccination of the elderly appears to be ineffective. After age 75, effectiveness is almost non-existent (Global vaccine safety summit WHO 2019 V=0JXXDLGKmPg). Global vaccine safety summit WHO 2019 WHO World Vaccine Safety Summit 2019 V = 0JXXDLGKmPg Because of the constant natural mutation of viruses, as can be seen every year with the influenza virus, a vaccine is at best a temporary solution that requires new vaccines every next time. An untested vaccine, run on an emergency basis, and one whose makers have already obtained legal immunity from adverse effects, raises serious questions fbclid=IwARoIgiA 6sNVQvE8rMC605Gq5xhOulbcN1BhdI7Rw-7eq_ pRtJDCxde6SQI . There are also doubts about the way the vaccine is produced, the lack of standard, several-stage clinical trials, which usually take several years to observe the effectiveness and safety.

Classic Image of Coronavirus Vaccines

There is no universal vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 virus, although various research centers have been working hard to develop one since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak (Cascella, et al. [64]). In ongoing vaccine development, attempts are being made to produce type vaccines:

An inactivated vaccine-containing inactivated or dead viruses-is designed to induce a rapid immune response in the human body to a new COVID-19 infection. (WenHsiang Chen, et al. [65]).

A subunit vaccine, which contains viral fragments, is designed to sensitize the immune system to specific subunits of the virus.

For SARS-CoV-2 virus, research has focused on the S-glycoprotein that binds to the ACE2 receptor.

A vaccine based on RNA or DNA nucleic acids, contains a synthesized segment of viral mRNA that encodes a protein to which the immune system responds.

Vaccines require safety and efficacy studies [. One of the most important challenges especially in the development of vaccines based on single viral proteins is to ensure that the vaccine does not induce antibody-dependent enhancement of viral replication and to achieve longer reliability. Once a vaccine is developed, the process of safety and efficacy testing takes about 18 months (Roberts [66,67]).

In bioelectronic terms, the treatment of disease can be considered from several levels:

1 In the electric field resulting from piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity and ferroelectricity, which is responsible for the correct the functioning of the biological system.

2 In the aspect of spin wave action resulting from free radicals and wave soliton generated by a Bose Einstein condensate.

3 In the range of acoustic waves generated by a biological system during electrostriction biological piezoelectric and pyroelectrics.

4 In the range of electromagnetic waves generated by the brain and the wave monochromatic in the range from 200 to 800 nanometers emitted by molecules DNA and RNA (Injuszyn, et al. [68,69]).

5 In the aspect of bioplasma activity, which takes an active part in morphogenetic processes, in the integration of biosystems and in the exchange of information between the biosphere and the cosmosphere (Sedlak [53]).

A quantum-informational vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus will not be like traditional vaccines, the whole virus will not be introduced into our body, but rather information will be introduced that will produce antibodies to fight infectious diseases. This is possible through the control of quantum information processes, using acoustic waves, electromagnetic wave, soliton, spin, electric field, magnetic field, or bioplasma (Adamski [1]). This thesis is supported by the fact that one of the nucleic bases, thymine, is ferroelectric and therefore piezoelectric and pyroelectric (Bdikin, et al. [70]). The authors of this study present a thesis that the ferroelectricity of thymine may find a wide range of possibilities in the formation of new bases, which are currently unknown, and at the same time reconstruct the rules present in the DNA of the genetic chain. This opens, a new way for thymine applications in the treatment of infectious diseases. All this will be done on a piezoelectric and ferroelectric basis, in which the electric field will play an important role (Esin, et al. 2016), (Guerin et al. [71]). Piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity are permanent features of the biological system, through it we can influence the biological structures - DNA and RNA which allows us to direct the functioning of the biological cell.`

Similar conclusions were drawn for the protein lysozyme, which is piezoelectric. The basic task of lysozyme is to fight the bacteria, destabilize them, and limit the metabolism and growth of microorganisms. Probably this is done by means of an electric field, which can determine the destruction of a specific pathogen. The spin field also plays an important role in a biological system. In proteins there are unpaired electrons that form free radicals such as: superoxide radical, hydroxide radical and nitric oxide radical. Free radicals have the ability to activate spins: electron, photon, other elementary particles, and atomic spins. The activation of spins into a clockwise, or counterclockwise, spin motion is associated with the generation of a spin field. A diseased biological tissue contains an excess of negative free radicals that generate a wide range of spin waves. When amino acid bonds are broken, free radicals are produced, and with them comes a spin wave that affects changes in human biological and mental structures (Adamski [72]). With the help of soliton waves, we can correct the information state of biological cell. Solitons constitute a barrier that limits the intensity of the spin wave. (Pryć, et al. [7,14]). In living organisms, the spin wave works closely with the soliton wave, which has coded programs about the proper functioning of the cell and maintenance of homeostasis, etc. Solitons can propagate without distortion over very long distances and are the wisdom of the development laws of the Universe (Brizhik [2]). They exist from the beginning of life to the present. The cosmos is densely filled with soliton networks, carrying content and meaning. The brain can generate and perceive soliton fields, which take an active part in human life processes and determine health, illness and personality development (Adamski [4,14]).


Looking at the development of the Covid 19 pandemic one can say that prevention of Covid 19 is very inefficient both in Poland and in many countries of Europe and the world. The health of our organism depends largely on the proper functioning of enzymes. It should be emphasized that proteins and enzymes in living cells communicate with each other electronically, using quantum processes (Shimoura [73]). In many cases, disease states affect the number of enzymes, causing them to be excessively released from cells or, on the contrary, blocking their exit from cells. Enzyme drugs should be introduced to fight the coronavirus. This supports the fact that more often Covid 19 attacks the elderly, when the body produces fewer and fewer enzymes, and they are less active. Civilization’s diet poor in enzymes and coenzymes sufficiently weakens the body and its defense mechanisms. A whole-food diet rich in salads and high melanin content, rich in enzymes and coenzymes effectively protects against coronavirus and other diseases (Leibold [74]). Both the influenza virus and Covid 19, when it enters the human organism begin to mutate. The adequate presence of selenium in the human biological system strongly limits the effect of mutations and at the same time constitutes an indispensable element of the organism’s defense against viruses (Adamski [55]).

Human biological system develops under the influence of energy and information factors of the environment in which it lives. Human life is not just a matter of biology and biochemistry, it is also a quantum- cybernetic-informational and bioelectronic construct that affects health and disease. In life processes an important factor is the action of soliton and spin waves on the human biological system. The transfer of soliton signals takes place not only to biological structures, but also to the mental and spiritual sphere; these are our mental, emotional and conscious states. An important role in the body plays bioplasm, which integrates, stores and manages energy and information processes in the human biological system. According to Sedlak, bioplasm «knows» everything that happens in it and around it. It informs about the energy situation of the whole and parts. Bioplasm creates such a state of matter, which is unity in diversity (Sedlak [53]). We show a significant association between Covid-19 prevalence and reduced insolation, as well as increased population density. This is noticeable among miners and in large urban areas. Our results show that UV radiation exhibits sterilizing properties and increasing exposure to sunlight may help reduce the epidemic. The Covid 19 pandemic is the path to a new medicine based on the laws of quantum physics and bioelectronics. Pharmacological therapy plays an important role in eradicating the pandemic, but psychological therapy and widely developed unconventional prevention cannot be forgotten.

In eliminating pandemics, many countries in the world are repeating mistakes made in other countries and are not listening to people in the scientific community. Ministers of health often lack appropriate education and experience in health care, and often take decisions without thinking and to the detriment of the health of the human community. When at risk of infection, strengthen natural immunity by eating a healthy, whole-food diet, breathing fresh air without masks, reducing stress, and satisfying social and emotional contacts. (Stier-Jarmer, et al. [75]). If you want to be in a group, choose a group where there is deep prayer, or meditation, because they form a Bose-Einstein condensate that creates a common biological field for the whole group [76-91]. The author’s study shows that high religiosity in church groups or parishes lowers the rate of coronavirus infection. The focus should be on developing new health and nutrition programs, recreation and sports methods, and organizing cultural and educational events in the information society.


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