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Ecology of Vital Activity as An Element of Antistress Therapy on The Example of The Organization of The Work of a Medical Center with Industrial Enterprises Under the VMI Program Volume 47- Issue 2

O V Komyagina*

  • Head of Sales Department of MC “Philosophy of Beauty and Health”, author of healthy lifestyle courses for large industrial enterprises, coordinator of family and Vip service programs, medical institution “Philosophy of Beauty and Health”, 64 Kim str., Perm, 614 990, Russian Federation

Received: November 19, 2022;   Published: November 28, 2022

*Corresponding author: O V Komyagina, Head of Sales Department of MC “Philosophy of Beauty and Health”, author of healthy lifestyle courses for large industrial enterprises, coordinator of family and Vip service programs, medical institution “Philosophy of Beauty and Health”, 64 Kim str., Perm, 614 990, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2022.47.007480

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The pandemic of the new Coronavirus infection has brought changes in the health status of a large number of our citizens. The consequence of this has been a higher rate of employees seeking medical care and subsequent sick leave. Crisis phenomena in the economic and social life of society are associated with the consequences of the pandemic, moreover, the stress burden on the population increases with the consequences of the pandemic. All this affects the level of performance. The transferred COVID-19 has increased the number of patients with complaints of pain in joints and muscles, with the phenomena of cardiovascular pathology, as well as in breathing, increased frequency of asthma attacks, etc. That is, complications affected a wide range of diseases. All this is the consequence, including neurological pathology, which is closely related to stress. According to surveys of several of large industrial enterprises, 31.7% of those seeking medical help report anxiety, sleep problems, and a feeling of fatigue. Exacerbation of chronic diseases was recorded in more than 50% of patients with Covid-19. The figures show that more than 1/3 of the population is chronically unwell, and more often than usual they apply for sick leave, which inevitably leads to a decrease in economic indicators. The purpose of the measures initiated was to systematically reduce the stress load due to the introduction of a healthy lifestyle and increase the competence of employees of enterprises in terms of more environmentally friendly behavior. Carrying out activities aimed at introducing healthy eating habits, observing sleep and rest, and anti-stress therapy.

Terms Used

Philosophy of Beauty and Health

Disability sheets

Corporate contracts

Healthy lifestyle

Health School

Health Days

The Main Part

The effectiveness was checked in the network of the Perm Krai medical center “Philosophy of Beauty and Health”. It is a general profile center with departments such as neurology, therapy, surgery, cardiology, dentistry, urology, gynecology, surgery, cosmetology, pediatrics, operating unit, endocrinology, ultrasound, radiotherapy department, including MRI, ophthalmology, ENT department, gastroenterology. The main type of service is the conclusion of large corporate contracts on the health insurance system. Currently, on November 1, 2021, according to these agreements, there are 9,539 people in this center. As of November 1, 2021, all these persons underwent an initial medical examination, as well as an initial analysis of the frequency of requests for sick leave. These data made up the primary data set for assessing the real state of these enterprises. The analysis showed that 9.5% of the working time of employees of these industrial enterprises for the period from January to November 11 months of 2021 was lost due to sick leave. Of these, 3.5% of the sick leave is directly related to COVID-19 [1-5]. Thus, other reasons for the loss of working time due to illness were associated with other diseases. In accordance with the contract, we faced a problem – how to quickly and effectively reduce the loss of working time not related to the Covid-19 disease. To solve this problem, the results of the initial medical examination were examined, which revealed the following: more than 50% of people who most often seek medical help note a decrease in tone, fatigue, anxiety, low emotional background, sleep problems, etc. In addition, 48% of the total number of examined also note the constantly present stressful factors.

We have developed a system that has significantly reduced the impact of early named negative manifestations.

The system includes the following activities: a health school was opened at each enterprise, within the framework of which educational events were held, meetings with doctors of various specialties, schools of healthy nutrition, training of therapeutic and restorative physical education, and systematic classes on anti-stress therapy with specialized specialists [6-10]. In order to combat physical inactivity, we conducted field health days combining competence enhancement in terms of improving the competence of a healthy lifestyle, combining physical activity, gamification of tasks [11-20], creating a benevolent atmosphere, and a positive emotional background. These systems of measures were analyzed a year later on November 1, 2022. As a result, the loss of working time on sick leave decreased by 2 times and amounted to 4% of the total standard. The number of complaints related to fatigue, anxiety, etc. decreased from 40% to 15%. Employers also note an improvement in economic indicators and an increase in labor productivity of 2%. The analysis shows the high effectiveness of measures aimed at health conservation and the values of a healthy lifestyle [21- 25]. Thus, the implemented system shows positive dynamics, and therefore it was decided to continue and develop this system.


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