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Possible Ways of Objective Diagnostics of Mental and Behavioural Frustration? Volume 8 - Issue 5

Rosman SV*

  • Physician of functional diagnostics of SBIH, Tver’s Regional psychoneurological clinic, Russia

Received: September 06, 2018;   Published: September 11, 2018;

*Corresponding author: Rosman SV, Physician of functional diagnostics of SBIH, Regional psychoneurological clinic, Tver, Russian Federation, Russia

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.08.001723

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In article it is offered with mental and behavioural disorders to apply a new method to identification of persons - dispersion of amplitude- frequency characteristics of an alpha rhythm of EEG, this process allowing to make objective when conducting psychiatric examination.

Short Communication

Now, violent crime, including, at schools begins to gain the increasing social value. Find a set of the reasons for that - psychological tension of surrounding life, drugs, alcoholism, perversity of customs. Political and scientific figures in public statements grandiloquently ask a question: "What to do?". And themselves answered: "Unfortunately, yet there are no methods of identification of the persons inclined to violence" [1].

It would seem, the importance of a problem of violent crime has to force to look for officials any opportunity in the solution of this problem, to check any possible ways. However, it far not so. Often leads personal reasons of officials, inability to overstep the bounds of habitual concepts to the fact that the available real opportunities of identification of people with psychopathology aren't used at all [2].

Especially it concerns the psychiatric commissions on identification mentally sick among the special contingents: pilots of airliners, drivers socially transport, dispatchers of airlines; the persons receiving weapon, etc. To a bowl of all inspection terminates in superficial poll and, at best, psychological testing.

The quality of testing was visually shown by recently carried out long-term work of the Norwegian psychologists whose results of researches are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine. According to the received results on IQ assessment of the population they have drawn a conclusion that the population of Earth grows stupid. This very strange statement against the background of the developed information revolution and development of new information technologies by modern youth. It is obvious that the outdated psychological testing which is especially subjective method of a research demands constant improvement [3].

In process of development of information revolution, the increasing value will be gained by the psychological sciences studying behavioural problems. However, if they lean only on subjective categorial methods further, then hardly they will solve the tasks set for them society [4].

Now there was obvious a problem of search of a new paradigm in the field of psychology and psychiatry, and she is connected with search of dimensionalny methods of a research in this area. Repeatedly in scientific literature regrets that researches of neural and glial network of a brain don't find correlation with clinical data, despite such highly informative methods of a research as MRT, PET, etc. meet. For example, in such dear magazine as "The world psychiatry" extensive publications on this subject have been published [5]. And what? When such technique has been offered them, they have refused to discuss this issue.

Undoubtedly, any new method, especially in such delicate area as psychiatry, demands comprehensive assessment from experts. But, after all, estimates, but not concealment. As the person working in psychiatry I perfectly understand how look the persistent offer of the invention. I just try to answer on repeatedly repeated by all, including the U.S. President, a question: "What to do?" The comprehensive solution of this problem can’t be simple means; however something can be made and now.

In the press new researches in the field of psychopathology and behavioural violations have been published [3]. In them it is offered to consider them as a result of disorganization of neural and glial network of hypermarket which marker is violation of a range of an alpha-rhythm of EEG. The method is called dispersion of amplitude- frequency characteristics of EEG(DAFCAR).

On big statistical material it has been proved that psychopathology and behavioural violations correlate with violation of indicators of DAFCAR [2,4]. At the same time, it is rather easy to reveal these violations by means of the available device in any medical establishment - the electroencephalograph. The result turns out in the form of the dispersive cartogram (Figure 1) and the DAFCAR indexes allowing to establish correlation connection with the help of statistical methods.

Figure 1: Average dispersive cartograms of an alpha rhythm at various mental and behavioural violations: A - norm, B schizophrenia, C - at persons with violent crimes, D - at pedophilia.


In short article it is impossible to describe all features of this research representing psychopathology in absolutely unexpected foreshortening. For example, to learn about what the persons who have committed violent crimes including with pedophiles, have in violation NGSGM, similar to those that meet at diseases of a schizoid circle, only smaller degree of expressiveness.

Undoubtedly, multilateral check of the offered method with development of criteria of psychopathology is required. One is clear - DAFCAR allows in stationary and polyclinic conditions to reveal existence of the changes which are the cornerstone of mental and behavioural violations in neural and glial network of hypermarket. It is clear, that it is only the first step in search of a new paradigm of psychopathology and in fight against violent crime, but as speak in China whether "Even the way to one thousand Ly begins with the first step".


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