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Perceiving Agriculture in China Volume 8 - Issue 1

Jamal Nasar*

  • College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University Changchun, Jilin P.R China

Received: August 13,2018;   Published: August 15,2018

*Corresponding author: Jamal Nasar, College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Jilin Agricultural University Changchun, Jilin P.R China

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.08.001587

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China is an agricultural country; over 300 millions farmers are connected with agriculture. China is ranked 1st in the world agriculture farm outputs. China is famous in producing different crops like rice, wheat, potatoes, tomato, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, barley, cotton, oilseed and soybeans. Changchun is the capital of Jilin province located in the center of Songliao Plains is an agriculture and animal base commodity but due to increasing populations in China agriculture sector is in danger, so China agricultural researchers are working to promote agriculture in different part of the country. To see the improvement and new agricultural farming system in the rural area of the country, a one-day study tour was arranged by Chinese Government Scholarship Council (CSC) for international students study in Changchun universities on 3rd July 2018 to Chenjiandian village, Hainan and Gramineous Wisdom Farm. Students were very excited when visited these farms and greenhouse. The agricultural system was amazingly arranged, we meet different farmers and gain there agricultural experience as we are the students the farmers knows better than students. From this tour it was concluded that China is focusing in increasing agricultural commodity and new farming techniques to fulfill people foods demands. Further study trips will be highly appraised.

Overview of the Trip

This trip was hosted by Chinese Government Scholarship Council (CSC) for three different universities of Changchun, Jilin Agricultural University (JLAU), Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) and Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main purpose of the trip was to visit the rural area of Changchun to see the agricultural promotions, farming system, farming techniques, to educate the students about the rural life of China, to upgrade the soul by breathing in fresh air, to enjoy the natural beauty and many more.

The trip was structured for one day, with different sessions, an introductive speech by the farmhouse president, green house visit, village visit, farm visit. All the trip materials were freely arranged by the CSC included transport, meal (buffet), hotel etc.

Why Did I Choose to Attend?

This trip was the largest dedicated to agriculture community, attracting hundreds of international students from three different universities in Changchun. The trip has an excellent reputation for providing information at agriculture.

As an agricultural and soil scientist I found this trip a valuable and got interested to visit. In addition to the trip sessions, the chance to meet with similar and different subject related students from different contraries and institutions, situations was a very valuable to share knowledge & experience with varieties of students. In short, there were opportunities to vast knowledge more about agriculture and refresh soul in the natural environment.

What Sessions Did I Find Most Valuable?

During the trip, I was able to attend numerous sessions. The sessions attract me the more.


    a) An informative and valuable speeches from teacher and the farmhouse president (about agricultural, farming and other relative aspects)

    b) A visit to side town (soul regeneration in clean and natural environment)

    c) A field visit (different vegetables, cereals and other crops) What Events Were Beneficial?

What Events Were Beneficial?

During the trip, I was able to attend two hospitalities and a Roundtable Lunch Discussions with other foreigners. The first event was a welcome reception from farmhouse staff. This allowed the first opportunity to visit with, speakers and other attendees.

During Roundtable Lunch Discussions, I interacted with others in their fields I met with others students from different countries, universities, religions, colors, culture etc. we discussed different topics which mean to me a lot and we expected to meet in future and share more knowledge which I found to be helpful in my future stay in Changchun.

Overall Summary of the Trip Experience

I was very pleased with my trip attendance and gained valuable experience and knowledge from others. In addition, it was a nice trip regarding the natural environment, fresh air, meeting with local peoples and much more.

The trip was very well organized, and the speakers remained neutral, making the information extremely valuable. The seminar hall provided a friendly, informative place to meet with different cultural people.

In addition, the meals and refreshment breaks were extremely nice. I was very pleased with all that I received at CSC summer trip, thank JLAU for entertaining and educate us at different aspects of life and hope to attend such trip in coming future.

Photographic Session

During the trip the students from different countries enjoying their self while taking pictures and capturing their memories (Figures 1-6).

Figure 1: Ghonimy from Egypt while taking picture with other country mates.


Figure 2: Statue of the great chairman Mao near the greenhouse a small town (Mao Zedong).


Figure 3: A buffet lunch and refreshment break.


Figure 4: A greenhouse visit (different crop raising in different conditions).


Figure 5: Respected teacher Miss: Lin (JLAU) with Pakistan and Afghanistan students.


Figure 6: On left side an instruction from teacher about soil, plants and irrigation system, on the right sides different plants are planted in plastic bags with new technology.



China has the world largest population and growing more and more day by day government are in race to fulfill human's food demand. China is now working to promote its agriculture production sector in every corner of the country by guiding their farmers with new technology and new farming system. In the last five to six years china achieved a great improvement in agriculture productions and now listed in the food donors countries. For some such trip it can be concluded that china government are kind to their people to fulfill their food demands at every cost. More efforts are also going for improving more and more agricultural system in rural areas. Such kind of trips will be more appraised in the future.