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Neurosis: You Are ... Or You Are Volume 5 - Issue 1

Miranda Nava Gabriel*

  • Chief of Neurology of the Hospital Center of the Presidential General Staff, Mexico

Received: May 30, 2018;   Published: June 06, 2018

*Corresponding author: Gabriel Miranda Nava, Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, Attached to the Hospital Center of the Presidential General Staff, Master in Public Health, Doctor in Administration and Public policies, Mexico

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.05.001166

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When we hear the word neurotic (a) immediately comes to mind that woman who goes out in the street, with tubes, red robe, cigarette in his hand and screaming in an outrageous way, with a shrill voice; or we also think of a man who complains about everything, who is difficult to treat, a “toxic” personality. The concept of neurosis implies the difficulty to handle the habitual emotions of deficient way, and although they are functional people many times in the form, at heart they have other characteristics that have a clinical presentation like headache, dizziness, anxiety, anguish, alterations in the way of eating or sleeping, or even already in sensations more elaborated as anger, jealousy or periods of constant sadness.

This comes from the formation of the personality in early stages of life, when there is no environment conducive to proper development of it, if there are no elements to develop self-esteem, to be involved in a life of limits and advice, covered with the basic necessities of life and sufficient improvement (home with comfortable spaces, food, health services, school, recreation) as well as the fact that there are no mental health problems such as alcoholism, smoking, addictions of illicit drugs, bad habits ( food, sleep, lack of exercise), family situations such as second marriages, half brothers, problems of parental authority or tutorials, etc.Do you think that being an alcoholic is due to a genetic cause or because you see someone in your family who suffers from alcoholism that is difficult to control?

Do you think it is right to smoke as a way to face problems by decreasing anxiety? As a smoker, will you have the moral authority to prohibit your children from acquiring this habit? Is it true that after reading this article it will not be so easy to have children? Is my imagination or fatherhood expensive and sacrificed? All these details of analysis form the personality of our children, so we must prevent it first by being well ourselves, developing our own character, correcting vices or problems in behavior, attending a therapy alone or as a couple, as well as having a good training in money management, and provide for adequate medical services.

With only love is living? This phrase is countered with a “when debts come through the door out love out the window” or with “money is not everything ... but as help.” Creating an adequate family environment costs, and in our country it costs double, since we pay taxes for basic services, but some of us will have to pay double for a private school, a decent-looking hospital, extra security in our colony, and other services that should included in our taxes, but it is the way we can give something to our children. Do you want to give a good inheritance? You can inherit habits, example of overcoming, individuality, character, sobriety and discipline. Do not inherit problems, leave solutions.