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The Reproductive & Endocrine Health Problems of the Community

Innovator Pramod Stephen*

  • Independent Researcher, India

Received: July 08, 2017;   Published: July 13, 2017

Corresponding author: Innovator Pramod Stephen, Christian colony Siswaniya Tola Ward No.6 Sugauli, Pin Code 845456, East Champaran Bihar, India

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000188


Development is a very slow process, we cannot see it but we recognize it after some time .We can see the tree is growing but we cannot see the process, We can only feel it or see it. In the world the population of other creature is day by day becoming less, but only human population is increasing instead of reproductive problems in human. Because God had given human wisdom and other have no this kind of wisdom thinking power and communication skill. Now days we are seeing that many places wheat plant have no grains many tree have no fruits. It is due to lack of micro substance in the soils. Now days we can see the deficiency in soil every part of the world. And we are facing this problem .we know that most of the country have more populations .but many people have reproductive problems male and female both. There are several reasons for it.

a. Lack of micro substance in the body.

b. Metabolism disorders

c. Air pollutions

d. Lack of sexual knowledge

e. Excess use of reproductive organ before the maturity stage

f. Diseases

g. Blood Disorders etc.

h. Hormonal disturbance

Lack of micro substance in the body

Now days we see that due high yielding crops and only use of fertilizers and not using of organic manure in the land. Land lack micro substance like Zinc, Sulpher, Boran, Iron, Magneze Copper and lime etc. If this substance is lacking in the soils then Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Leafs also lacking these substance and human utilize this things that means human have also deficiency of this substance. This affects our reproductive systems.

Metabolism disorders

Now days we see that Diabetes, Thyroid, cancer, anemia and other metabolic disease taken a epidemic process. Due to unhealthy and unnatural way of human life.

Air pollutions

Now a day’s every part of the world Air Pollutions is a big problem and it is verse in big cities. Its affect the health like Tuberculosis, Asthma, and other respiratory disease metabolic disorders and reproductive organs.

Lack of sexual knowledge

Our teen agers have no good knowledge for harm of UN time sex in this time they want to know more for about opposite sex and many of them disturb the social order.

Excess use of reproductive organ before the maturity time

According to The health guide maturity age for male is 21 years and for female is 18 years but male begin the sex after 13 years and it is found that many 10 to12 years old girls given a birth to a child. The use of excess reproductive system in females become weak and male lose the sperm.


Many diseases and bacillus disturb the male and female reproductive system.

Blood disorders

Many times our blood gets disturb due to excess eating of one kind of food and we gets savior illness and many organs eternal and external glands become ill.

Hormonal disturbance

We find hormonal disturbance from the time of birth and many cases it’s develop at the age of 10 to 15 and it is one cause of reproductive problems.