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Professional Excellence Demands the Passionate Pursuit of Values, Vision & Character!

*AbulKalam Azad

  • Lt Colonel/Associate Professor, Bangladesh

Received: June 26, 2017;   Published: June 28, 2017

Corresponding author: AbulKalam Azad, Lt Colonel/Associate Professor, Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000152


Personal and professional excellence is something beyond technical competence. Technically competent professionals are needed in all disciplines. Yet beyond technical competence we need people who create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Because at a technical level, most work is about ‘things’ but life however, is about interacting with ‘people’. It is about relationships. Professional excellence blends these two dimensions of “things” and “people” [1].

Vision, Values, Character are the three important invisible traits that can unlock excellence in the life of one who wants to achieve professional excellence, one who wants to move from being good to great. Visible traits like knowledge, skills, and technology are good tools, but unless they are directed by vision, governed by values and powered by character, they are not likely to be used to the optimum level. Vision gives the direction in which one’s abilities are to be used in order to move ahead. Values govern choices and behaviours of a professional while the goals are being pursued. Character provides the professional with the staying power needed in the pursuit of goals [2].

Vision gives clear destination and based on the destination enables a professional to figure out the direction one must go towards. A professional can go only as far as their visions can go. Values are the governing principles that set personal and professional standards for decision making and behaviour. Character is the core of a person and it is being expressed through thoughts and actions. Character is about personal qualities of a professional such as loving, confident, courageous, confident, consistent, and many other qualities that drive one’s performance [2].

A professional must put these three aspects together – vision, values, and character – to work simultaneously in an interdependent manner rather than individually. When vision, values, and character begins to make use of the expertise of a professional, they will have an edge that will surly lead them to move from being good to great, achieve excellence. Vision, values, and character are the key factors that can give someone the edge that can definitely lead him to personal and professional excellence. It is needless to say that expertise, skills and knowledge, alone cannot enable a professional to achieve excellence, though they are import in themselves [2].

Every professional should be motivated to develop an intrinsic desire to pursue excellence through passion, to integrate not only knowledge, skill & technology but also values, vision& character.


Author is expressing his gratitude to Brain Lynch, Limerick, Ireland for editing the manuscript.


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