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Study on Gene Polymorphism of Antihypertensive Drugs in Manzu Race Population in Northeast China

Volume 45 - Issue 5

Xing Feng1, Xiaojia Kang2 and Tongku Liu3*

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    • 1Department of cardiology, Jilin People’s Hospital, China
    • 2College of Medicine, Yanbian University, China
    • 3The center of Cardiology, Affiliated hospital of Beihua University, China
    • *Corresponding author: Tongku Liu, The center of Cardiology, Affiliated hospital of Beihua University, Jilin, China

Received: August 16, 2022;   Published: August 24, 2022

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2022.45.007261

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Objective: To detect gene distribution of antihypertensive drugs in Manzu race population in Northeast China, and to solve the problem of individual differences in hypertension treatment.

Methods: The blood samples of 158 cases in Manzu race population in Northeast China were analysed. Cases were divided into control group (n=78) and hypertension group (n=80). DNA was extracted by kit seven genes’s polymorphisms. The difference of genotype frequency distribution of CYP2D*6, ADRB1 (1165G > C), CYP2C9*3, AGTR1 (1166A > C), CYP3A5*3, ACE and NPPA (2238T > C) were detected and typed in two groups.

Results: There were significant differences in CYP2D6*10, AGTR1 (1166A > C) homozygous mutations and wild homozygous mutations (P < 0.05). Homozygous mutations of CYP2C9*3 and NPPA (2238T > C) were not detected. There were no statistical differences in other detection sites between two groups.

Conclusion: There are significant differences in gene loci distribution between control group and hypertensive patients in Manzu race population in Northeast China. The result will be useful for understanding the interaction between drugs and organisms, and will be helpful to the rational selection of antihypertensive drugs

Keywords: Hypertension; Antihypertensive Drugs; Gene Polymorphism; Manzu Race; Northeast China

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