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Wound Healing Effects of Bentonite: A Rabbit Model Experimental Study

Volume 10 - Issue 2

Qamar Zaman Phull*1, Ashique Ali Arain2, Mashkoor Ahmed Ansari3 and Abdul Rahim Memon4

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    • 1Department of Pharmacology, Bilawal Medical College Jamshoro, Pakistan
    • 2Department of Pharmacology, Isra University, Pakistan
    • 3Department of Pharmacology, Bhittai Dental College, Pakistan
    • 4Department of Pharmacology, Isra University, Pakistan
    • *Corresponding author: Qamar Zaman Phull, Department of Pharmacology, Bilawal Medical College Jamshoro, Pakistan Ashique Ali Arain, Department of Pharmacology, Isra University, Pakistan

Received: October 11, 2018;   Published: October 23, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.10.001921

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Background: Injuries and infection result into wounds with variety of complexed stepwise sequenced events leading to either healing or complications. Wound management is based on multidimensional approach from removing the causative source, maintaining local antiseptic environment, preventing aggravating factors and encouraging the wound healing promoting agents. The best is the combination of all properties together bentonite was evaluated for such role in the current study. Study Design and Place: This Quasi Experimental work on Rabbit model took place at Isra University in department of Pharmacology/Pathology and Animal House.

Methodology: Wound was induced artificially in rabbits under anti septic protocols following their selection under inclusion/exclusion criteria. Bentonite was applied on the wound in the form of paste and followed up for observing improvement or complications. Wound size was measured on regular bases with tape while histological parameters were observed by the pathologists after periodical sacrifice of animals to document changes with time space.

Statistical Analysis: Mean size of wound was compared at different stages after induction like after 3days, after 7days and after 13 days using ANOVA on SPSS version 22 while histological results were marked as +, ++, +++, ++++ for mild, moderate, intense and severe to show various stages of healing.

Results: There was a significant difference in wound size between the initial sizes and the wound size at 7th and 13th days 3.98±0.49, 3.18±0.62 and 1.01±0.01respectively with p-value 0.0007 that was statistically highly significant supported by histological examination.

Conclusion: Bentonite possesses anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

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