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The Role of Microbiota in Manifestation of Extrusion Food Products’ Side Effects

Volume 7 - Issue 3

Rubakhova Valentina1, Zamaro Alexandra1, Grinchik Nikolay2, Larchenko Maria1, Koulchitsky Stanislav3, Loiko Diana1, Derevyanko Irina1, Sushko Timur1, Chuprina Alesya1, Kuznetsova Tatiana1, Stukach-Takalchyk Yuliya1, Derevyanko Marina1 and Kulchitsky Vladimir*1

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    • 1Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, Europe
    • 2AV Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, Europe
    • 3Liege University, Liege, Belgium, Europe

    *Corresponding author: Vladimir Kulchitsky, MD, Dr. Sci. Professor Scientific Director, Institute of Physiology National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 28 Akademicheskaya Street, Minsk 220072, Belarus

Received: July 24, 2018;   Published: July 31, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.07.001503

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Significance of various types of diets for the organism in health and disease is well known. For example, Mediterranean diet is usually associated with longevity of Mediterranean region inhabitants. On the other hand, intake of poor-quality food products is accompanied with development of acute and chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is understandable why ancient doctors used to place emphasis on diets.

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