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Assessment of Bucco Lingual Width of Mandibular Bone in Molar Area in Relation to the Dental Status Using an Occlusal Film

Volume 7 - Issue 1

Omar Basheer AL Tekreeti1, Alaa S Mahdi2, AreejA Najm2, Farah Abdul Salam Hadi2, Bashar M Sakin Al Noorahchi3, Zainab Alrufaye4 and Wisam W Alhamadi*5

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    • 1Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, University of Tekreet, Iraq
    • 2Depatment of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, University of Baghdad, Iraq
    • 3Department of Dentistry, Ministry of Health, Iraq
    • 4Department of Operative Dentistry, Specialized Dental Center, Iraq
    • 5Department Dentistry, University of Misan, Iraq

    *Corresponding author: Wisam W Alhamadi, Department Dentistry, University of Misan, Amara city, Iraq

Received: June 28, 2018;   Published: July 18, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.07.001439

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Background: The alveolar process which is bearing of the teeth, tooth extraction is the common cause of alveolar ridge resorption, occlusal radiographical technique of the mandibular arch has the ability to determine the size of the outer and inner cortical bone of the mandible.

Aim of the Study: The aim of this study is to assist the bucco-lingual width of mandibular bone at molar area in relation to dental status in occlusal film.

Material and Method: 30 patients (15 dentulous and 15 edentulous) 18-25 years old, they were collected from popular clinic in Baghdad and referred to diagnosis department of Collage of Dentistry/ University of Baghdad. An occlusal film is placed into patient mouth, so that it is centered over molar area on the side to be radiographed. After exposure and film processing, a Varnier caliper is used to measure the width of bone.

Results: in SPSS statistic, by calculating the Mean, Stander Deviation and P-Value we found that the bone width of edentulous patients is less than the bone width of the dentulous patient in the posterior area of the mandible.

Conclusion: we concluded that the bone width of the edentulous patients is less than the bone width of dentulous patients in the posterior area of the mandible due to loss of mandibular molars.

Clinical Significance: These inevitably changes will affect the oral health and function, the dental team faces the challenge of creating a prosthetic restoration such as dentures or more importantly implants to compensate or eliminates these adverse effects. Sufficient alveolar bone volume and favorable architecture of the alveolar ridge are essential to obtain optimal functional and aesthetic prosthetic reconstructions.

Keywords: Resorption; Mandible; Occlusal Film; Dentulous; Edentulous; Varnier Caliper; Prosthetic; Aesthetic; Alveolar; Maxilla

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