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Inhibitory Effect of Silodosin, Tamsulosinand Terazosin in Phenylephrine Induced-Prostate Smooth Muscle Contraction (a Comparative in vitro Study)

Volume 6 - Issue 5

Basuki B Purnomo1, Ryan Akhmad AS1, Besut Daryanto*1 and Setyawati Soeharto2

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    • 1Department of Urology, University of Brawijaya,Indonesia
    • 2Departement of Pharmacology, University of Brawijaya,Indonesia

    *Corresponding author: Besut Daryanto, Department of Urology, Facultyof Medicine, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia

Received: June 28, 2018;   Published: July 13, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.06.001401

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Objective: This in vitro study aims to compare the inhibitory effect of those α-blocker to the phenylephrine inducedprostate smooth muscle contraction.

Research Method: Twenty eight eligible BPH patients were randomly allocated to 4 groups which are one control group (without α-blocker therapy) and 3 intervention groups treated with silodosin, tamsulosinand terazosine for 7 days prior to TURP surgery. The prostate tissue samples were taken during TURP surgery. This sample prepared on organ bath containing thyrod liquid and further induced with phenilephrin at dose 10-4μg/ml to measure its contraction. A oneway anova analysis was performed to investigate the significant difference among groups.

Result: The mean contraction result in control, silodosin, tamsulosinand terazosin groups were 7,798mV, 1,718mV, 3,416mV, and 5,956 mV respectively (Table 1). There was a significant difference contraction value among 4 groups(p=0,000). The silodosin treatment group had the lowest mean contraction value against the controls compared with the tamsulosin and terazosin groups.

Conclusion: Silodosin has the strongest inhibitory effect in phenylephrineinduced prostate smooth muscle contraction in the invitro study.

Keywords: Antagonists; Adrenoceptors; Urinary Tract; Cardiovascular system; Silodosin; Tamsulosin; Prasozin; Terazosin; Necrotic; Phenylephrine

Abbrevations: LUTS: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms; BOO: Bladder Outlet Obstruction; IP3: Inositol Triphosphate; DAG: Diacylglycerol

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