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Where to Find? A Report for Some Terrestrial Fungal Isolates, and Selected Applications Using Fungal Secondary Metabolites

Volume 4 - Issue 4

Waill A Elkhateeb* and Ghoson M Daba

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    • Department of Chemistry of Microbial Natural Products, National Research Center, Egypt

    *Corresponding author:Waill A. Elkhateeb, Department of Chemistry of Microbial Natural Products, National Research Center, Tahrir Street, 12311, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

Received: May 04, 2018;   Published: May 15,2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.04.001070

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Biodiversity of mycobiota is getting more attention, since fungi and their metabolites represent the future alternatives of many currently used chemical compounds. In this review, the fungal mycobiota associated with leaves of some plants were discussed comparing the literatures focusing on some economically important plants such as wheat, sugarcane, and some medical plants. Furthermore, the role of some fungi as promising small factories that could be used for industrial applications such as myco-diesel oil production, and agricultural applications such as plant growth promoters

keywords: Fungal Biodiversity; Isolation; Identification; Phylloplane fungi; Mycobiota; Medicinal Plant; Myco-Diesel

Abstract| Introduction| Isolation of Phylloplane Mycobiota| Mycobiota from Economically Important Plants| Phylloplane Mycobiota from Medicinal Plant| Fungal Secondary Metabolites with Beneficial Properties| Oil Production| Conclusion| References|