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The CD15 Immunohistochemical Marker of Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg cells - a Perspective

Volume 3 - Issue 3

Daniel Benharroch*, Parwin Zarin and Karen Nalbandyan

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    • Soroka University Medical Centre and Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

    *Corresponding author: Daniel Benharroch, Soroka University Medical Center and Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Pathology, 1, Rager Blvd, PO Box 151, Beer-Sheva 84101, Israel

Received: March 17, 2018;   Published: April 04, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.03.000912

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A historical perspective of the expression of CD15 in classic Hodgkin lymphoma is presented. CD15 antigens expression has ranged over the years from 27% to 90% and more. The CD15 expression, although showing a sensitivity and specificity of less than 90% for Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg (HRS) cells [1], has been used for several decades, together with CD30 to confirm the diagnosis of the presently classified classic Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL). Historically, the tumor cells of this malignancy have been considered to express from 75 to 90% positivity for this marker, using manual immunophenotyping and non-sialyl-CD15 antibodies [2]. This variance might have been due in part to the fixation process (stronger staining with the B5 fixation when compared with neutral formalin); and in part due to the anti-CD15 antibody employed (LeuM1 - Becton Dickinson; 80H5 - Immunotech, Marseille; C3D1 clone, DakoM1 - Dakopatts and others - the classic anti-CD15 antibodies). When the automated stainer, Ventana Benchmark (Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, AZ), was introduced around 2009, some noted that the usual CD15 antibodies showed a much reduced staining capacity, and the HRS cells positivity in some labs reached an all times low of around 40%.

Keywords: classical Hodgkin lymphoma; CD15; Ventana Medical Systems; sialyl-CD15

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