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Laparoscopic Removal of an Intra Abdominal Needle: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Volume 2 - Issue 1

Naftali Timna*, Schwarz Ivan and Konikoff Fred

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    • Department of Gastroenterology, Meir Medical Center Tel Aviv University, Israel

    *Corresponding author: Timna Naftali, Department of Gastroenterology, Meir Medical Center, Kefar Saba 44281, Israel; Tel: 972-9-7472580; Fax: 972-9- 7472725; Email:

Received: December 28, 2017;   Published: January 08, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.02.000639

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Abdominal foreign bodies may cause severe complications such as infections, injury of an organ and perforation: There are not enough data for clear recommendations as to how such foreign bodied should be treated, if at all. We describe here a case of a needle found and removed laparoscopically in the abdominal cavity of a young healthy male. Review of the literature disclosed many anecdotal reports of foreign bodies that caused various complications, but currently no evidence based policy can be recommended. The rational for treating abdominal foreign bodies is discussed.

Keywords: Foreign Body; Laparoscopy; Foreign body complications

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