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What is the Risk of Contracting Mycobacterium Tuberculosis form Donated Blood?

Muringani BN*

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000162

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    • Department of Medical Microbiology, National University of science and technology, Zimbabwe

    *Corresponding author: Muringani BN, Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, National University of science and technology, Zimbabwe

Received: June 15, 2017   Published: June 30, 2017

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The need for donated blood cannot be underated and it has become very difficult nowadays were many people are living with HIV. It has also become difficult as the adolescent groups which use to donate blood are also living with HIV. This report looked at the people infected with Tuberculosis and the rate at which negative results are given .In this report, 6163 patients were screened for TB using ZN and culture in an African community

Results: The results which were obtained indicate that there is a high chance of getting a blood tainted with TB as from the results of the 6163 samples, 83.52% were ZN smear negative and had to go for culture which needed more time for the samples to be ruled out as positive or negative TB samples. Of those samples which went for culture, 22.3% were positive and these were constituted by 48% of the smear negative samples with 90% of the culture positives being confirmed to be MTB complex.

Conclusion: How safe are the donated bloods if we do not screen for TB infection? Results obtained from this case report leaves a lot to think about in the world of medical sciences./p>

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