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Studies on the Physicochemical Parameters of the Fixed Oils of Cinnamonum Zeylanicum

M Amin Mir1*, Rahilla Farooq1, MMS Jassal2, Bilal Ahmad Mir3, Sandeep Kaur1 and Deepa Mishra1

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000118

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    • 1Department of Chemistry and Botany, UCST, India
    • 2Department of Chemistry DAV (PG) College, India
    • 3Bilal Ahmad Mir, UCBMSH, India

    *Corresponding author: M Amin Mir, Department of Chemistry and Botany, Dehradun, India

Received: May 25, 2017   Published: June 07, 2017

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The present work was carried out to analyze the physicochemical parameters of fixed oils of Cinnamonum zeylanicum. The oil was extracted from freshly bark of Cinnamonum zeylanicum with petroleum ether using Soxhlet apparatus. Cinnamonum zeylanicum bark possessed (47.39%) yield of absolute oil. The relative density of the fixed oil was found to be 0.96. The Physico-chemical properties of the extracted oil like Richter Meissel value (2.55 ± 0.01), Saponification value (84.15 ± 0.01), Iodine value (16.11 ± 0.02), Acid value (38.14 ± 0.05), Ester value (46.01 ± 0.08), Peroxide value (10.3 ± 0.08) and un-saponification value of (21.00 ±0.03) was determined.

Keywords Cinnamonum zeylanicum Saponification value; Iodine value; Ester value; Acid value; Iodine value; R.M. value

Introduction | Experimental | Determination of the Physiochemical Parameters | Observation and Results | Discussion | Conclusion | References |