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A Case of Fallopian Tube Metastasis from Cervical Adenocarcinoma

Volume 3 - Issue 5

ManoharanM1 and KarikalanB2*

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    • 1Department of Pathology, Gribbles pathology, Malaysia
    • 2Department of Pathology, Perdana University, Malaysia

    *Corresponding author: Barani Karikalan, Department of Pathology, Perdana University, Malaysia

Received: April 09, 2018;   Published: April 17, 2018

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2018.03.000972

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Invasive endocervical adenocarcinomas, though microinvasive, have the ability to metastasize to the ovaries by retrograde transtubal spread. Endocervical adenocarcinomas with ovarian metastases simulating primary ovarian surface epithelial neoplasms have been reported infrequently. Here, we present a case of adenocarcinoma involving the endocervix and a fallopian tube. The tubectomy might be a possible explanation for the absence of ovarian or peritoneal spread of the tumour.

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