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Investigation of Agarwood Compounds in Aquilaria malaccensis & Aquilaria Rostrata Chipwood by Using Solid Phase Microextraction

Volume 1 - Issue 6

Daoud Tajeldeinn Ahmaed*1, Mahmood Mohammed1, Ali Mohamed Masaad2 and Saiful Nizam Tajuddin3

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    • 11Faculty of Pharmacy, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
    • 2Faculty of science and technology, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
    • 3Faculty of industerial science and technology,university of Malaysia Pahang,Gambang,Pahang,Malaysia

    *Corresponding author: Daoud Tajeldeinn Ahmaed, Faculty of Pharmacy, Omdurman Islamic University, Khartoum-Omdurman-Sudan, Sudaan

Received: October 06, 2017;   Published: November 06, 2017

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000499

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The aim of this study was to characterize and profile the chemical constituents of Aquilaria malaccensis & Aquilaria rostrata chip wood by using solid phase micro extraction. In this study high grade of agar wood chip wood was investigated. Two types of extraction performed by SPME; were direct extraction of smoke which coating fiber adsorbs analyte directly from sample matrix and headspace volatile of incense; that adsorbs analyte indirectly from the matrix. By using 50/30 μm divinylbenzene-carboxen-polydimethysiloxane (DVB-CAR-PDMS) fiber. As a result at least 100 compounds were identified in incense smoke, whereas in headspace volatile more than 70 compounds. The gas chromatography (GC) was tagged on, to extract and analyze volatile compounds. The average area percentages of these compounds were calculated by using factor analysis of PCA. The major compounds extracted from Aquilaria malaccensis chip wood by using headspace volatile of incense were kessane (29.229), α-guaiene (24.683) and β-dihydroagarofuran (11.391), while β-selinene (0.976), caryophllene oxide (0.968), α-muurolene (0.887) and epoxy bulnesene (0.859) were major compound obtained by using direct extraction of smoke.

The main compounds extracted from Aquilaria rostrata chip wood by using headspace volatile of incense were β-dihydroagarofuran (53), khusiol (0.929) and ϒ-gurjunene (0.820) whereas by using direct extraction of smoke were α-gurjunene (5.54), β -caryophllene (3.89), and α-guaiene (2.7). Hence, this research proves that characterization of agarwood by using headspace volatile of incense and direct extraction of smoke can acts as indicator before further extraction and correlate agarwood compound from incense smoke and volatile compound with agarwood oil.

Keywords: Aquilaria malaccensis; Aquilaria Rostrata; Headspace volatile of incense; Direct extraction of smoke; Solid phase micro extraction SPME

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