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A Novel Method for Psychiatric Clinical Diagnosis In Schizophrenic Symptoms Detection

Volume 1 - Issue 5

Yan Zhang 1*, Jianguo Shi1,2, Feihu Liu1,2,3, Zunxiao Dai1,2, Bin Wu1,2, Qiangju Wu1,2 ,Xiaohua Cui1,2, Xiangnong Du1,2, Lisha Sun1,2 and Tanghui Xu4

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    • 1Xi’an Mental Health center, Xi’an 710100, Shaanxi, China
    • 2The Affiliated Mental Health Institute of Xi’an School of Medicine, Xi’an 710061, Shaanxi, China
    • 4The Affiliated NO. 1 hospital of Xi’an School of Medicine, Xi’an 710000, Shaanxi, China
    • 3Dr Jianguo Shi, Dr Feihu Liu contributed equally to this article as co-first author

    *Corresponding author: Yan Zhang, Xi’an Mental Health center, The eastern section of Hangtian street, Xi’an 710100, Shaanxi, China

Received: September 21, 2017;   Published: October 02, 2017

DOI: 10.26717/BJSTR.2017.01.000402

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Study was aim to evaluate reliability and psychiatric clinical value of Quantum Resonance Spectrometer (QRS) on schizophrenia symptoms detection. There were 100 schizophrenic patients and 100 normal controls in study. Symptoms of subjects respectively obtained from QRS test and psychiatrists’ diagnoses. The results of two methods were compared. Also symptoms of schizophrenia patient and 100 normal controls were discriminated using QRS test. Kappa value of symptoms detection had good consistency with psychiatrists’ diagnose. There were 7 symptoms more than 0.60 in total 11 symptoms of schizophrenic and 7 symptoms detection results of AUC of ROC more than 0.70. The same consistency was also being found in Youden index. In this study, Hallucination, Delusions, Stereotypy, Virbigeration, Pathological indolent, Psychomotor retardation, and Psychomotor excitement total 7 symptoms were be predicted by QRS. They have good consistency with psychiatrists’ diagnoses. QRS in schizophrenia symptoms detection have a predictable value for outcome, is an objective identification and diagnosis instrument, and may promote psychiatric clinical diagnosis development.

Keywords : Quantum Resonance Spectrometer (QRS); Symptom; Schizophrenic; Detection; Diagnoses

Abbreviations : QRS: Quantum Resonance Spectrometer; CSF: Cerebrospiral Fluid; CT: Computed Tomography; EDA: Electro Dermal Activity

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